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Cargo Consolidation

We also facilitate cargo consolidation services (Air/Sea) which include the transportation from cargo points, stuffing of cargo in container, customs' processing of shipping documents, use of premium Air/Shipping line to ensure that the cargo will reach the target destination timely. Carefully, we implement all the important shipping instructions given; and as well take care of the cargo by warehousing it until the shipment is effected. Some of our cargo consolidation services include:


  • Other Logistics

  • Transportation of cargo to the stuffing point

  • Stuffing of cargo in container or Wooden cases

  • Customs' processing of shipping documents

  • Use of premium Air/Shipping Lines

  • Courier Services


GENERAL SUPPLIES (Transportation):
We provide our customers the comfort of cargo transportation for delivery, 
dispatch and pick up. This array of our services comprise:

  • Round the clock cargo marketing facilities

  • Transportation of goods from port of discharge to hinterland destinations.

  • Door-to-Door deliveries.

  • Organising trade exchanges & fairs.

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